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Delicious White Bread

1 C. milk 1 Tb. shortening
⅛ c. gran. sugar 1 C. warm water
2 t. salt ½ C. compressed yeast
⅛ C. lukewarm water
About 6 C. all purpose flour

Scald milk, Add sugar
salt, shortnening and warm water and
stir until shortening is melted.
Cool to lukewarm. Add yeast
which has been softened in
the ⅛ C. lukewarm water. Add
flour gradually, mixing thoroly
until you have a stiff dough that
can be turned out onto a floured
board and kneaded. Knead until
smooth and satiny, about 5 min.
Shape into a smooth ball. Place
in a greased bowl, brush top with
melted fat or salad oil. Cover
with a clean towel and let rise in a
warm place (80-85°) until double in
bulk. Punch down dough, shape

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