Status: Complete

• Transcribe the text as it is, including punctuation, misspellings, and abbreviations.
• Do not transcribe words that have been crossed out.
• You may correct a misspelled word by typing the correctly spelled word in brackets after the misspelling (e.g., werk [work]).
• If you aren’t sure of a word but want to take a guess, indicate with square brackets and a question mark, e.g. [Prentiss?].
• If you have an idea about what the word might be but can’t make it out, you can indicate that in brackets, (e.g., [town?] or [name?]).
• If you can't make out a word at all, type [illegible]. If you spot [illegible] in a transcription someone else has worked on, feel free to correct it if you know what the word is.
• Don’t worry about formatting (e.g. underline, italic, bold, spacing, alignment, etc.).
• Do not transcribe hyphens or spaces in words that occur at line breaks.
• Contact us with specific questions or issues by emailing digitalprojects@library.lacounty.gov.

Notes and Questions

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This doesn’t make sense. The transcription looks identical to the text.