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OIA J. 463
Adam Johnston, Agt.
Chico, Cal., July 6/50

I 463

Reports difficulties that
have taken place between
the Indians & Whites —
If all of a treaty made
with the Indns by Col. Thos
J [Grove?] & gives his reasons
only [it sh'd?] not be approved — Names the tribes,
the memmbers, customs,
habits, conditions, mode of
living, & [certificate?] of
depredations committed by them,
& of [?ations] by the whites
on their property, &c —
Compensation claimed by them for, &
suggests small [annuity?] be [?]
in foods &c. Also
suggests plan for their
management — gives views of Capt Day
regarding them — Mentions
difficulty [?] [statistical?]
[information?] [?] [?] — that [?]
of his agents [?] [?] [?] [?]

Recd 7th Septemr 1850

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