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those who have lived in the Missions are the most Cautious
particularly if they drink liquor of which they are very fond
there are many of them living on the Ranchos in this country
and work very well but they are all inclined to theft the
working in Mission Indians as well as the wild tribes, will lie
and cheat, are very fond of Gambling nevertheless with
Kindness they can be taught and Subjugated with more facility
than any that I have been acquainted with, and as far as I can learn
the three Commissioners now on duty, in the mining districts have
little difficulty in accomplishing a treaty with such as can be
prevailed and to venture among them but still many tribes and
scattering Indians owing to their being better mounted and prepared
for hostile and [?ing] purposes and who have these time past
obtained considerable booty from the Miners and Rancheras so
numerous in their Vicinity. Horses Mules oxen &c being so
abundant that those wild tribes prefer Keeping the mountains till they
are compelled to Submit. in the Northern Section we experienced
but trifling difficulty with them, and even what we did, originated
from recklessness, wantonness and unnecessary cruelty towards them in
the beginning. the principal difficulty experienced here originated
in cruelty and terminated fatally. Some farmers in the vicinity
who had several Indians on their farms as was customary went to the
Clear lake distant from here about Sixty Miles and compelled
about one hundred of the Indians to go with them to the Sacramento
Mines in the Sickly Season. most of them took the indiscriminant
fever and died and of the whole scarcely ten returned alive
those on arriving with their funds complained of the ways
they received and it is probable caused revenge.

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