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Magistrates by the State law have jurisdiction over the Indians and
after hearing both parties I gave them a locality of a League of land
on the N.E Side of the River where their Rancheria stood. There are about
one hundred on the Rancharee. They were very well satisfied and requested
I would live on their land to instruct them. and they would work for
me. the chief promised to obey my orders. and that should any of their
youth steal or injure the white men, they would bring them to me to
be punished. and entreated much that I would come to live with
as near them or Send some one I could Recommend to teach them
how to procure and raise food as they say the herbs root Insects
vermin & on which they subsisted as getting scarce on account
of the white population occupying so much of the lands they formerly

I therefore believe that the department at Washington
was not in Sufficient information regarding the Indians in the
Northern Section of our State, as men here generally care more for the
obtaining ore than furnishing any accurate information that
might tend to benefit the Indians as there Seems a marked
[bias?]] [lately?] [illegible] show more [especially?] by the western population
and show from Oregon and which I am at a loss to account for.
I am therefore of opinion if a man accustomed to their habits or
in whom they would place confidence was located among them with
Sufficient power over the different tribes between here and Trinity or
Humbolt bay (and the expense would be merely nominal) would result
in much good and prevent Serious Consequences if Government will
act speedily therein as at present they are in dread of the americans
and in want of food &c.

I have the honor to be your most oBt Servant
Peter Campbell

The Hon Commissioner of Indian Affairs
Washington D.C.

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