O.I.A. I696

Adam Johnston Mariposa California Agh March 7, 1851

Reports that since his last communication he has spent more of his time in the San Joaquin Valley & along the western side of the Sierra Nevada among the Indian tribes in that vicinity-Gives an account of his visit to the Camp of James D. Savage on the Fresno, who he says is a trader among the Indians there + possesses a great influence with them, that with a few presents which he distributed among them, having negotiated a draft on Dept of the Int for $800 for the means to purchase them. They seemed greatly pleased & expressed great friendship &c-That after leaving the camp some days--the Indians killed a clerk in the employ of Mr. Savages & gives account of his proceeding with 35 men to the [illegible] for the purpose of burying the dead & of his [illegible] &c- That there was, about the time of the murder, a simultaneous attack of them in [illegible] [plunder?] threatening the mining comuntry [illegible][illegible] entering a copy of his letter to the [illegible] in the subject with an account of the [illegible] of the State Legislature, that [illegible] [illegible] can now in the [illegible], which the arrival of the Ind Cmms with general [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] his office in the State &c &c.

Received 1 May 1851 File Copied for Sup Beale

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