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[Left column] J762 (California) Sacramento, &c — Adam Johnston, sub agt. Valley of San Joaquin, Cal. Mercede Indn. Resvn., June 24/51

Reports in reference to hostilities of the Indns of San Joaquin Valley & of adjacent county — Steps taken by him to procure military force to arrest aforesaid war — arrival of the Indn comsrs (Messrs McKee, Barbour, & Wozencraft) in the valley with an asst. of troops, joined & proceeded with by him this the valley as far as Rio Rey or Kings River, when he returned for purpose of fulfilling any of an [?] with the Indns & to get them from the mountains & settled on the reservations, about which he has been engaged for the last three months, & is satisfied of the [results?] thereof — Describes (over)

copied for Sup Beale

Rec'd 7 Augt 1851 Acknd August 12th 1851

[Center column] [illegible] of reservations & states number of Indns, on each, accepting [over?] [illegible] his immediate charge -

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