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Since my last communication addressed to the Deptt. [department] under date of 7th ulto. my time has been [positively?] occupied in the persuance of my duties, which have been [illegible] more than ordinarily arduous in consequence of these several attacks of [he???/fever?], incidental to the region of Country in which I have been travelling.

I am now however convalescing and cherish the hope that I shall soon be enabled to furnish you with a full Statement of my observations.

I have succeeded since the period above referr'd to, in negotiating three Treaties, originals of which are herewith enclosed, accompanied by the Estimates request in fulfilling the Treaty Stipulations since my superation, with the joint Board, as also my Quarterly action of Disbursments and the amount due for Beef Cattle purchased during the Treaty Negotiations.

A Map of the vicinity showing the lands allotted the Indians will be made up and forwarded at the earliest possible [???ssy]. You will notice that Since the early part of May, when my duties (within the District alotted me) commenced, I have traversed the entire portion of Country, with the exception of that on the Eastern side of the Sierra Nevada, visited all the accessible Tribes, negotiated with Eighty One Bands of Indians (and under separate organisation) and speaking upward of twelve different languages, have effected Six Treaties, the last of which you [will perceive?]

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