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with justice take some degree of pride in knowing that I have accomplished so much with so small an expenditure of Money. at the same time

with a Saving to the Government of an incalculable amount.

There are accounts yet unsettled, a matter of much regret to myself and serious inconvenience to those to whom they are due. the last

appropriation of $25,000 it is true has come to hands, but has been [placed?] on [deposit?] to the individual credit of R. McKee Esq. who is

now [absent?] [illegible] [left?] authority to turn over to me $1.500, which small amount has been entirely absorbed leaving me without the means of

paying the Salary of my Secretary much to my mortification, he having been with me during my entire Campaign and the Services rendered me is

beyond the computation of Dollars and cents. I am most respectfully
Your Obdt Servt
O.M. Wozencraft
U.S. In. At.
M. D. C.a

[line: illegible]
Commission Indian Affairs
Washington D.C.

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