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Feby 2 Washington Feb 2d 1852

Hon. A. H. H. Stuart

The fact that the Indian
Commissioners have been unwarrentably
remiss and faithless in the discharge
of their duties in California is well known
to yourself. In many of the reservations
which they have laid off for the benefit
of the Indians, they have included a
considerable portion of mining lands. To
quiet the rattle of miners they have
obligated the Government to pay for
whatever damages a number of arbitraters
might decide upon. These claims
amount to several hundred thousand
dollars. There are now how ever two
hundred thousand in the hands of Dr
Gwin, Manhall and McCorkle. After
the rattle of these miners have been thus
quieted, other miners in many of these
reserves have been permitted for
a certain rate of compensation to dig
in these reservations. More regulations
is not necessary for me to tell you
an illegal and a fraud upon
the Government as well as upon the

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