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miners als [also] even as the miners find
that there their claims will be repudiated they
will be indignant at the Comissioners
and may lay violent hands on them.
Besides they will forthwith according to the
custom of the miners claim these
original mining claims in these reservations.
This will bring on a difficulty between
the whites. The Indians will be driven
off and they too will loose all faith
in the Government. I look for more trouble
from the acts of the Indian Commissioners
to the people and the Government than
you all are possibly supposing.

The contract that has been
made with Fremont and Lange - for
supplying the Indians with beef is
turning on certain knowledge twice as
high as it can and as it has been
offered for in California. Mr. J.D. King
is every where charged as one of the
contracting parties. I consider this
whole affair as a most barefaced
fraud upon the Government. Mr McKee
is openly charged with having made
use of the money you gave him for
the travel he sailed for California
for his own use. The amount I believe

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was $25,000 When you get all these
Indian accounts in from California you will
have a sum either to pay or
repudiate which will astonish you. Or
as you will dissatisfaction must follow
I would advise the unmask of the whole of
them and a rigid investigation into their
conduct. Under the bill now before Congress
I see that a superintendent is to be appointed
and three agents. I have consullted with
all the Californians here whose judgment
I value and they desire the following
persons appointed. Hon. George B. Tingley
for Superintendant. Maj. Pearsen B
Reading agent for the Northern portion of the
State. Lieut. Beale for the Central &
one not yet been been selected for the Southern.
These men will be cordially
endorsed by Dr Gwin, Manhall and McCorkle.
No one can say ought about
them in California and the Government
may safely trust them.

If you remove Mr
Benham as District Attorney and I think
he ought to be for he is tottally
incompetent, I would strongly recommend
Gregory Yale Esq. Our senators and
Representatives know him and will most

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