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readily endorse him as an able lawyer
and a gentleman of the highest
character and integrity. His distinguished
standing at the bar would give the
government credit and respect in the eyes
of our people. He is a total abstinence

Douglass & Marshall ought to
be reminded this depart is a [illegible] [illegible]
[illegible] and gives all the patronage and
[illegible] of the office to the [illegible].
[illegible] the principle means of Gwin's
election to the Senate and says he will
do all he can to have him reelected
[illegible] [illegible] Marshall is Gwin's
nephew. If he is removed and
I solemnly protest against to his
continuing in office, I will give you the
name of a gentleman who will
fill his place with acceptance to the
Government and the people.

Very respectfully
James M. Crane
Editor of Cala. Courier

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