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United States to Saml J. Hensley Jr

Feby 11th
For 1900 head beef cattle
furnished Indians in the San
Joaquin and Tularry vally
500 lbs each at 15 cts per lb $142,500.00

I certify that the above account is correct
and just, and that the cattle were for the use
of the Indians, in fulfillment of treaty stipulation

O. M. Wozencraft
U.S. In. At.
Middle District

Received, San Francisco February 11 1852,
of O. M. Wozencraft U.S. Indian agent, drafts
on the Honl A.H.H. Stuart for one hundred
and forty two thousand, five hundred dollars
in full of the above account $142,500 (00)
Saml J. Hensley

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