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Washington Nov 29 1854


I have the honor to submit,
according to your request the
following Statement in regard to the prices
in California, as far as came under
my notice, in discharge of my

I paid for horse hire from
Mays Rulle to Post 8 bear. Horse &
Buggy $20 dols per day. Meals on same rout
$2 dolls; For single, saddle horse
in San Francisco $10 dols per day.

Barly was scarse when I was in
the country & sold high just at
that time, I think it cost me 18 cts
per lb. Steamboat fare I paid
no attention to as Special Agt of
the P. O. Dept. I travelled free in
Mail Boats. I am aware however
where opposition is offered on the rivers
the price sometimes is reasonable.
This seldom lasts beyond a week
or so. Beeves brought over the Plaims
& pastured there for 2 or 3 months
were worth from "130 to 100" dols per head
in San Francisco. Genl Lane of Oregon
& myself travelled with Mr Eddy who
had followed droving cattle, from Mise
for 10 years & he gave us general
information, from his experience, which I now
quote I thought he told us he had some worth
$100 dols at that time.

Horses sold high

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