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and with the view to reimburse to himself
the expenses incurred in the full
discharge of his duty, having conducted
personally this transit from New York to San
Francisco, he has charged a compensation
of 5% on the invoice of articles
purchased in New York — This account
surcharge Mr Beale regarded as
reasonable and by virtue of his
instructions has allowed the same
and referred it together with his
accounts for settlement — with this
exception M. Reading has accounted
satisfactorily for every dollar of the
amount originally placed in his hands
vis; $25,000.— having filed the receipt
of Mr Beale for the money & goods turned
over — the invoice of Messrs Grant & Bailey
for the goods purchased in New York and
account, under oath, exhibiting the expenses
of transporting them to California — when
it is considered that Mr Reading superintended
personally the transportation of these
articles over the Isthmus of Panama, requiring at
that time the greatest case and attention

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