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San Francisco Decemr 6th 1854

Mr J. Ross Browne

Kind sir,

You will do
me a favour, by urging a settlement of
my accounts with the Indian Bureau.

They will find that there is an overage
of salary due me, which the the former
Commissioner withheld on the ground of having
no vouchers for two items (viz) Contingent
Expenses and Interpreters.

I have placed a voucher in the hands
of E. F. Beale who promised me to forward
it on to Washington. Said voucher covers
the two items, and if allowed there will be
an amount due me.

There is likewise an amount in my
favour, as set forth in the last quarterly
expenses (2,464 62 cts) which
ought to be paid without awaiting an
appropriation for the purpose, in as much
as the debts were incurred and paid by

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