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San Francisco Jany 30 1855

Thos. J. Henley Esqr. Supt Ind Affs
in California


Genl Estell informs me that he has never yet been paid his little claim, ajt. the Government for Beef Cattle furnished in my district, for the public services during the [critical?] period of 1851: The amount was originally some 3000$ if my memory serves- but is fully set forth in my letters to the department written after my return from the Northern Expecting in Decr '51 or Jany '52. And again in a letter written in 1853 at Genl Estell request and endorsed by him, as I understand, & Mr. J. R. McDougall at Washington.

On those Letters I stated the peculiar & [illegible] circumstances in wich Genl. Estell advanced his property & private means, for the public service, & in a way, & at a time,- When I had little draft, his action indirectly saved the country many thousand of dollars,__ and many valuable lives,__ I hope you will write to the Department urging the settlement of this, and some of the [small?] debts, originating about that time, & fullt reported on by Mr. H's really disgraceful to our Govern't & Country that gentlemen who have always acted honestly-- & patriotically in this country should be neglected & kept out of their money, by the Grand Government, while

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