Office of Supt Indian Affairs
San Francisco Cal --
Dec 19th 1855

Hon G. W. Manypenny
Comr of Indian Affairs
Washington City D.C.


In reply to so much of
your letter of the 19th ult. as relates to the location of one
of the additional Reservations provided for by the act of
the 3rd March last, and also the extract accompanying yours
of the 17th ult from the Secretary of the Interior on the same
subject, I have the honor to make the following remarks, and
suggestions. By reference to the map of California, herewith
transmitted with the proposed and established Reservations marked
upon it, it will be observed that from the nature of the
country, beween Mendocino or Big River, known as Bool-dam, and
Nome Lackeee, being impassable mountains, and that between
Pitt River, and Nome Lackee, being accessible by a newly
opened wagon road, it would be attended by less expense
and difficulty to remove the Pitt River Indians to that Reserve
than of those from the Russian River and Mendocino County, below
the Cape. The numbers of Indians to be provided for at
Mendocino it will be seen by the report of Maj Hintzelman
of the 16th ult is much larger than of those in the Pitt
River Country. The Indians of Pitt River, especialy those high
up on that stream, are not now in immedidate contact with the
settlement, and arrangements for them are not as pressing, as
they are for those upon the coast - Many of whom are already
pressed by the progressive settlement of the Country, and are a
soure of great annoyance to the settlers. It must be admitted
however that these remarks apply to some extent
-- though not with equal force -- to the Pitt River Indians. It is true
that they are becoming in some degree a barrier to the progress
of settlement, but I entertain the opinion that they can be
withdrawn, as fast as necessity will require to the Nome Lackee (Reserve)

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