a properly authorized agent, under whose protection
they could perform the labor in the vineyards, and
be protected in the reception of their pay. This
arrangement I have proposed to the people of Los
Angeles, and have some hopes of being able to acomplish
it in the source of the ensuing year.

At the Tejon, I have found the Indians peaceable
and contented more so than I have ever found them
before. Every thing was in readiness, to commence putting
in the crop of wheat and barley, as soon as the
rains should set in. We are prepared at that place
to sow a large crop, should the season be suitable.
It is intended to run about eighteen plows during the
entire sowing season.

In conformity with my suggestions heretofore,
that as the Indians learned to labor, and the
improvements upon the reserves were completed, the
force of the employees, could be greatly reduced -
I have made a reduction in the number of white
person employed t Tejon to nine. Many of
the Chiefs and others at this reserve have built
and are building Adobe houses for their own
use: This gives ample proof that they are
contented with the plans of the Government, and
are adapting themselves to it.

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