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Report of labor on the Seb Mil Reserve Cal"a
Commencing Oct 29, ending Nov 24th, 1855

Monday Oct 29th 1855
Blacksmith repairing wagon. Grice too unwell to
work - Warren gone to the mountains for lumber -
Frier with 7 Inds gone to the lake for tules - Weeks
putting roof on upper house -- Wilson got up this two
yokes of oxen and put them to work in the harrows -
Tucker running 4 harrows in large wheat field -
The men from the Fresno started this morning with
the wagon mules &c

Sunday Oct 30th Blaksmith repairing wagons.
Grice unable to work -- Frier returned from the lake
with tules - Warren returned from the mountains with
lumber - Weeks running up chimneys of upper houses
with 8 Inds - Tucker running 4 harrows - Mill

Wednesday Oct 31st Blacksmith reparing
wagons - Grice unable to work. Warren putting area
in order for chopping wood for a coal pit -- Frier
hauling manure from corral onto garden - Weeks
with 5 Ind putting tules on lower house - Tucker
running 3 harrows with 7 Inds - killed a beef

Tursday, Nov 1st Blacksmith repairing wagons.
Grice unwell - Warren with 4 Ind gone into the
mountains to cut wood for a coal pit - Frier gone
to assist in making coal pit - Wicks with 6 Inds.
putting roof on lower house --Tucker running 8 harrows.

Friday Nov 2 .- Blacksmith repairing wagons - Grice
unwell - Warren and Frier with 4 Inds cutting wood
for a coal pit - Weeks with 6 Ind. putting roof on.

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