Because in Mary'sville they go to do a little some thing fetching water, or wood in a [kitchen?] of a Hotel or boarding house, there they get to eat and perhaps 25 [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] [illegible], which of course goes immediately for [Grog?], and the [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] the [Good?] [illegible], which [peoples?] laboring away, and [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] thing which they get for their bows & arrows which they sell to high prices likewise other curiosities, fish, fowls, berries, etc. when they are not to too lazy to get them; and then, there goes My money for bad liquor, which they drink to such an excess, that when they do fight and [illegible] then, the bad Liquor will kill them; it happened about 3 weeks past, that 5 men and [illegible] died in the [name?] Rancheria (not in the Hock Rancheria and not in one but in two days, like the "[Dean?] Inquirer" in Mary'sville said in two days from the affect of Liquor. It is not quiet [quite] a Year yet when the [Sishaux?] & [illegible] a few of the Hocks had a fight when desperately [illegible], which four had been killed and about 5 or 6 badly wounded. [illegible] [all?] [again?]; of such things civil [name?] authorities [illegible] all and [illegible] take care of them. A most cruel act happened about two years ago in the Hocks Rancheria; one of the [name?] tribe, who have a wife and children, wanted absolutely another woman of the same tribe she was a widow of the deceased Olash Chief, and of the [Yakulmey?] tribe, the Woman did not like nor want him, and [illegible] as she was pregnant, this fellow took his gun (they have [illegible] fire arms, some of them) and shot the Woman twice, once in the abdomen the second time in the leg, and then massacred her most cruelly with his knife till she was dead, during this it was night the whole Rancheria was deadly drunk, Men and Women [illegible], you can hardly imagine what far seems happen when they are intoxicated, and what for a Noise, then the fights begins about the Women, because not all of them have Women, they take them on their hair and drag them, [naked?] [over?] the ground to their holes etc. The man who has killed the above mentioned Women, left immediately to parts unknown, as I intended to take him as a prisoner.


These Indians are just now doing what they please, and I am not a little afraid for next summer and fall, for my Orchards & Vineyards, if they can act so independent as now, they will steal continually [from?]. They have done it already, and will steal at any time when they have a chance. Such thing happened no more when they has been under my Control. I wish now you would do me the great favor to remove these few tribes which behave so badly to the next reservation. I cannot stand it any longer; and have longer the worse will it be, as the largest part of the timber is cut down, so that they cannot more get their Acorns and grass seed like before, the Squatters drove them away last fall when they want to get Acorns, they told them that they people will no more[illegible] them for their hog etc. so is it with the grass seed, they people will no more allow them even this, they say the need the grass for Hay.

They are nearly all time in want of food now, and formerly they [illegible] [illegible]. I am informed that Major Bidwell, Mr. McNeal, and a good many others in the Valley have the Indians under Control and make them work for a small compensation.

It is certainly hard to take them away against their will to a reservation but there are only two ways, to take them away make them work and provide for them, or if you would give me the Control only of the Hock & Yakulmey Indians, I would make them work and pay them a reasonable compensation, in food and clothing, and when they know that it is your Order, they will do so, in preference of leaving the Grounds where they are born and where thair Ancestors have dwelled.

If you honor me with an answer, I shall feel much obliged to you. I am with the highest Respect

Your Most Obedt Servant
J. A. Sutter

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