of the papers as presented by the claimants.

The examination therefore of the question of title by the peoples law officer of the Government, is, it seems to me, the first step to be taken with @ view to a decision as to the property of contesting the claim before the Supreme Court of the U. States. There is one other question in this connection the examination of which I would suggest. It is in reference to @ provision which I understood to exist in the laws of Mexico recessing to the Govt. in granting land to individuals so much as may be required for military purposes. This grant includes the old Tejon Pass in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and is now and has, I believe, always been regardes as a military position being the only pass through those mountains from Mexico to upper California known at the time and for many years after the making of this grant.

2d. In regard to what the relinquishment of the title to the U. States will cost.

I have already furnished the Dept. with a copy of a letter from J. S. Brent, Esq., Attorney for the claimants or owners as they

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