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California [JC] 155 T.I. JConley San Franscisco May 5. '56

Enc. copy report of work on Nome Lackee reservation, from 3 March to 19 [in?] April 1856 E. [&?] Stevenson Special Agent

Read 30 May '56 File 30 [illegible]

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Office Supt Indian Affairs San Francco California May 5th, 1836

[How]? [Geo]? W. [Manypenny]? [Commissioner]? Indian Affairs Washington D.C.


In the absence of the Superintendent of Indain Affaris I have the honor to transmit, herewith, copies of the weekly Labor Report, of the home Lackee Indian Reservation, commencing March 3rd and ending April 19th, 1836.

Very Respectfully, [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] [to]? [Supt]?

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Report of Labor on Name

Monday, Tuesday + Wednesday March 3rd 4th, 5th, [brothers?] with about 25 Indians ditching along the road. Bring [endine?] with 7 plows and 14 Indians plowing new ground for wheat next fall - Knott, Hudson and [Mr. Henry?] with 10 Indians working in garden - [family?] returned from [Tehama?] on Monday with plow and [stores?] - [Grier?] and [Lapier?] working on mill - [family?] [Shiver?] his [autumn?] from [Tehama?], working in garden - [gennison?] cooking - Mrs. [Genison] and 13 Indian girls leaving, making shirts and pants - On Saturday and Sunday 1st + 2nd, March, about 120 new Indians came in - [Benton?] working in shop repairing [wagmote?]

Thursday March 6th, Benton working in shop, Mr. [Huang?], Hudson + their Indians finished in garden, and went to work with [Mathen's?] ditching, working 30 Indians - Family started for [Tehama?] with team for flour [+ e?] - Knott hauling wood for house - [Grier?] and [Lapier?] working on mill - [Brigendine?] plowing with 7 plows - [Genison?] + Mrs. Genison same as yesterday.

Friday March 7th [Brigendine?] running 7 plows with 14 Indians - [Mather?], Knott, Hudson with 30 [Int?] ditching along the road - [Mr. Henry?] working with [athens], or in blacksmith shop when there is [anything] to as there - family returned from [Tehama?] with 700 fish - [Grier + Sonnier] at mill.

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1 Farly started for Tehama with wheat - [Dr Caba?] and Lacock returned from a trip to Stony Creek and brought in about 30 new Indians - Weather clear and windy - much in need of rain.

Nevada Camp March 3rd 1856 3 plows and 1 harrow running - One team hauling wood - 15 Indn boys ditching - One team came in from the Mountains with Poles - Bourne Superintending Indians - Pollard with 11 Indian Boys at Tehama fishing.

March 4th Bourne in the mountains getting out boards - Pollard & 10 Indn boys at Tehama fishing - 15 boys ditching - 1 boy hunting stray oxen - One team hauling poles from Mountains.

March 5th - Same as yesterday

March 6th - 5 plows & harrow running - Bourne in mountains - Pollard and his 10 boys at Tehama fishing - 15 boys ditching - One team hauling boards from Mountains

March 7th - 2 plows running part of the day - 15 boys ditching - Bourne in Mountains for Lumber - Pollard and his boys at Tehama.

March 8th - 15 boys ditching - One team hauling poles from mountains - Bourne in Mountains getting out lumber - One team hauling wood - Pollard Same as yesterday.

(Signed) E. A. Stevenson Spec. Indn. Agent

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Report of Labor on [Home}? Lackee Military Reservation [Cali]? Commencing March 10th & ending April 5th, 1856

March 10th, 1836 - Benton in Shop - Griee & [Squires]? on Mill - [Brizendine]? and [Knott]? branding cattle [illegible] - Blacksmith in Shop - Mother with 25 Indians ditching around garden - Hudson plowing near pea patch with 7 plows -

Tuesday 11th - [Brizendine]? hunting over - Benton in Shop - [Griee]? [illegible] working on mill - mother & 30 [illegible] ditching [illegible] [the]? garden - [Stevenson]? & Martin , with Knott went to Nevada Camp to brand the pub Stock there - Hudson plowing with 7 plows - Cloudy + prospect for rain -

Wednesday 12th - Brizendine quit work to - day - Benton in Shop - Blacksmith in Shop part of day & the balance of it went to the mill to assist in placing Shaft and Band - Knott gone to Nevada Camp to brand the balance of [Rub]? Cattle - Mother ditching with 30 Indians - Hudson plowing with 6 plows

Thursday 13th - Employees I [Marey]? at $40, per month - Benton & Blacksmith working in their Shops - mother with 36 Indians ditching - Knott hauling wood for hours - [Farly]? returned from Red Bluffs with lumber for mill - A light shower at day break - [Jenison]? cooking - An Indian hut took fire and burned down.

Friday 14th - Raining all day - Saturday 15th - [Farly]? [inelligible] to [Jehana]? - Benton quit work & was paid off by Draft in Supt - Blacksmith in Shop - Griee and [Squires]? working in Shop - Storms quite sick no report from his camp this week.

Monday 17th - Griee [Squires]? at the Mill - Mother with 35 Indians ditching from the [flame]? to Mill - Blacksmith in Shop - Hudson hunting over & preparing plows for use

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