Snider & Indians making fence. Daniels Cooking.
Friday 15th. Tucker & Ricks hauling timber. Carpenter stocking the plow. Snider reparing tools. Indians burning brush. Daniels cooking.
Saturday 16th. Carpenter building shed. Ricks and Tucker sawing timber. Snider & Indians cutting road. Daniels cooking
Sunday 17th. No work done this day.
Monday 18th. Carpenter laying floor. Ricks & Tucker plowing. Snider and Indians working at timber. Daniels cooking
Tuesday 19th. Same as yesterday
Wednesday 20th. Tucker & Ricks plowing. Snider making boards. Indians clearing away brush. Carpenter plaining boards. Daniels cooking
Thursday 21st. Ricks, Tucker, & Daniels as yesterday. Snider making fence. Indians burning brush & fern. Carpenter cutting out windows.
Friday 22d. Ricks, Tucker, Carpenter & Daniels as yesterday. Snider Splitting Palings. Indians clearing ground.
Saturday 23d. Same as yesterday
Sunday 24th. No work this day
Monday 25th. Tucker & Ricks plowing. Snider and Indians cutting logs. Carpenter making gates. Daniels cooking.
Tuesday 26th. Tucker & Ricks hauling logs for boards. Snider and Indians making fence. Carpenter working on gates. Daniels cooking.
Wednesday 27th. Tucker & Ricks hauling rails. Carpenter hanging gate & window shutters. Snider and Indians making fence. Daniels cooking.
Thursday 28th. Tucker & Ricks hauling posts for fence. Snider making fence. Carpenter cutting out & making door for house. Daniels as yesterday.
Friday 29th. Tucker & Ricks hauling logs & wood. Snider making palings. Carpenter making door. Daniels as yesterday.

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