Journal of Labor.
Klamath Reserve, Cal.
March 1st. 1856. Carpenter making door. Tucker and Ricks hauling rails. Snider making fence. Daniels cooking. Indians chopping.
Mch. 2d. No work done to-day, being Sunday.
Mch. 3d. Carpenter making sink. Snider and Ricks sawing timber for boards. Tucker hauling same. Daniels cooking. Inds. not returned from visiting their friends.
Mch. 4th. Carpenter making gates. Snider making boards. Ricks making garden. Tucker and Indians hunting. Other Inds chopping.
Mch. 5th. Carpenter at work on gates. Snider making fence. Tucker and Ricks plowing. Daniels cooking. Indians clearing land.
Mch. 6th. Great excitement among the Indians on the River. Not much work done to-day.
Mch. 7th. Carpenter making gates. Snider and Ricks making fence. Tucker planting wheat. Inds digging past holes. Daniels cooking.
Mch. 8th. Carpenter still at work on gates. Snider and Ricks in the woods & getting out Material for fence. Tucker planting wheat. Daniels cooking. Indians digging post holes.
Sunday, Mch. 9th. No work to-day.
Monday Mch 10th. Carpenter cut his hand. Snider and Ricks making rails. Tucker sowing wheat. Daniels cooking.
Mch. 11th. Whipple, Snider, & 2 Indians went to Crescent City. Tucker & Ricks plowing. Indians chopping. Daniels cooking.
Mch. 12th. Tucker and Ricks plowing. Indians chopping. Daniels cooking.

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