March 13th. Tucker hunting. Ricks making garden. Daniels cooking. Indians chopping.
Mch. 14th. Tucker hunting. Ricks at work in the garden. Daniels cooking. Inds chopping.
Mch. 15th. Tucker and Ricks plowing. Others as yesterday.
Monday. Mch. 17. Tucker and Ricks assisting the Indians planting Potatoes. Daniels cooking.
Mch. 18th. Tucker and Ricks plowing. Daniels cooking. Indians clearing brush away.
Mch. 19th. Snider returned. Others as on 18th.
Mch. 20th. Snider and 4 Indians went up the River, 10 miles, to visit Inds. Others as on 18th inst.
Mch. 21st. Snider and Indians splitting rails. Tucker harrowing ground. Ricks making a garden. Daniels cooking.
Mch. 22d. As on 21st. inst.
Monday, Mch. 24th. As on 21st inst.
Mch. 25th. Snider, Ricks, and Indians planting potatoes. Tucker hunting. Daniels cooking.
Mch. 26th. All hands planting potatoes.
Mch. 27th. Riggin making sled. Others as yesterday.
Mch. 28th. As on 27th. inst.
Mch. 29th. Carpenter making sled. Ricks, Snider and Indians fencing. Daniels cooking.
Monday, Mch. 31st. Tucker hauling rails. Other as on Saturday.
(Signed) Tho. A. Irvine.

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