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California H 284

Saml. H. Huntington Hartford Conn. Oct 3.'56 [Chf.?] Clk. Court of Claims

Reply to office letter of the 30th. inst. asking for certain information rel. to a/c [illegible] drafts filed in support of claims drawn by either of the late California Comrs.

Acknowledge receipt and state that I have obtained from his messages all that is necessary. M.

Recd. October 6. '56

Ack. &c Oct. 9. 1856

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Hartford (Conn) Oct 3d 1856.


Your [your?] letter of the 30 of September was forwarded to me at this place & was this day received -

I have [illegible] copies of all the petitions presenting claims of the description you refer to, [to be?] such to your office for your examinat[ine?]. I think you will find in these petitions, the drafts and amounts so ascribed as to answer your purpose. In some of the cases testimony has been taken & returned - [illegible] some [illegible] original vouchers have [been?] filed. If after examining the petitions you should wish for further inspection of the files and evidence, you can if you please send a Clerk to my office and the Messenger there will in[?dience] to my instructions afford him the necessary access to the documents connected with the cases. -

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The cases presenting the claims you refer to are as follows

Charles V. Stuart vs. The United States George McDugall vs. Same Martin B. Lewis vs. Same Feli[x?] [Anguste?] vs. Same C. P. [Quintard?] vs Same Saml J. Hershey vs Same John [Mulhollond?] vs Same

I think you will be able in the manner I have suggested, all the information you desire - If you do [not?], on intimation [to?] that effect [from?] you, I will repair to Washington without delay - My present intention is to be there in a few days.

I am very respectfully Your obedient servant Samel H. Huntington Ck. Clk. Court of Claims

Hon Geo W. Manypenny Commiss[illegible]

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