with 20 Inds packing and setting posts - [Farr?] making
curb to well - 4 Indians cutting timber. 2 Hunting.

Saturday 26th - Brizendine started with pack
train to Nome Lackee - Very little game killed the
past week - there has been a great many Inds around,
who have driven the game out of the valley - The
other employees same as yesterday - During this week
Brizendine has been with the pack team.

Monday July 28th - Lacock with 4 Inds mowing hay
4 Inds with team hauling hay - Farr & Kelbough with
6 Inds setting & packing posts - 2 Inds. hunting. Killed
two very large deer - 3 Inds ditching - two drying out
skins for whips.

Tuesday 29th - Lacock with 4 Inds moving -
Farr doing different jobs about the house - Kalbough with
4 Inds splitting logs - 4 Inds with team hauling and
stacking hay - two Inds hunting killed 3 deer

Wednesday 30th Lacock with 4 Inds mowing -
4 Inds with team hauling & stacking hay - Kilbough &
Farr with 4 Inds cutting and splitting logs - 20 Inds packing
posts. 2 hunting - 2 dressing skins - Sent four Indn
boys to the mountains to dry venison - 12 Squaws gathering
berries - Hunter killed a deer.

Thursday 31st - Lacock same as yesterday - 4
Inds with team hauling & stacking hay - Kelbough with 6

Notes and Questions

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One employee's name is variously spelled Kalbough, Kelbough, and Kilbough throughout this report.