Office of [Dept.?] Ind. Aff.
San Francisco, Cal
December 4th 1856

Hon. G. [M.?] [illegible],
Com. Ind. Aff.
Washington, D.C.

I have the [house?] to [endorse?]
the accompanying correspondence between Gen. J. A. Sutter
and myself. Gen. S. is the Pioneer of California; and his
character for hospitality, generosity, and true friendship for
the Indians is [proverbial?]. The General had made the
request that those Indians be removed: but when they
appealed to him, for permission to remain and die [upon?] his
[illegible], it was to much for his generous nature to refuse;
and at his earnest request, this deviation from the general
rule is permitted.

Gen. Sutter will be a faithful guardian to the Indians
who remain with him many of whom were his companions, in this
country, long before its occupation by the Americans, and fought with
him in the [contest?] which acquired Ca. Respectfully,
Tho. G. Henley

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