[Hack?] Farm, Dec. [illegible] 1856

Cal. Thos. J. Henley,
[illegible] Ind. Aff.
San Fran.

Dear Sir:
Since I had the pleasure
of seeing you in [illegible] City, the Indians of [Hack?], Yukulmey,
Sishum, and Olash Tribes, consisting, altogether, of between 55
and 60 persons, including women and children, presented themselves
several times, last week. They said that they wish very much
to be not removed from the soil on which they are born, and
where their forefathers have resided; and pledged themselves
that they would behave well, be obedient, and work, and go no
more to [illegible]. They would be willing to fence in a large
field, and would like to have a large crop of wheat, next summer.
I told them that I would let them have the land just in front
of the [rancheria?], joining my enclosure, and would do the plowing
and sowing, for them, with my teams, if you would be so kind and
let them have the seed wheat. I told them that I would write
to you about it. I think about 50 bushels would be not
too much because with the surplus the could pay the expenses
to get it into flower. I have plenty of my old reaping hooks,
which I would let them have; and with them they have been
accustomed to work. I think this would be a very good plan,
because, when the acorns fail, they live very miserable which
happens very frequently; and even if the acron crop is good, like
this year, the oak trees are very much disappearing, in our
vicinity ; and some ungenerous settlers will even not allow

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