them to take acorns, near their houses, and want to save them for their [logs?].
They told me that they would be willing to work, again,
that is, their young men, long time. I did no more ask them
to work for me, as they made great pretensions, so that I did
prefer to employ white people. Now, they promise to work at
reasonable prices; and so they can always find employment, and
would receive their pay in clothing and provisions, and not in money.
If the [illegible] Indians are removed, I have no doubt that
they will behave well; and I hope that I can make them good and
useful to the community. Very after they had [illegible] whole weeks
with the [illegible] Indians, in drinking and gambling; and by day
time they amused themselves in [illegible].
If you approve this plan and grant their prayers, you will
be please to let me know, in time.
Should these Indians have continued in their bad habits,
I would have been most desirous to see them removed from
here; but as they will be good and manageable, I have no objection
of their remaining here, and so will nobody in this neighborhood.
I would then make a full report of their proceedings and behavior,
and send it to you, every two or three months.
Your presence had a very good and wholesome effect.
They have seen, now, that they can be removed; before, they
would not believe it.

I remain, with the highest esteem [&?] respect,
Your most [illegible] [illegible]
(signed) J. A. Sutter.

P.S. [Oregon?] wheat will not answer. I sowed some, last year, like a
good many farmers, but it have proved to be a failure.

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