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of which is larger than an ordinary sized adobe, giving one, at first glance, the impression of some violent throe of Nature, having shattered into pieces.

From Cave Spring to "K" Co. Meadows, the valley has narrowed, to few hundred yards in width, throughout this distance of six miles. Fine springs with abundance of water are found at these meadows, which are of about the same extent as those at Lake Beall.

The right hand range is here getting perceptibly lower with broken, chalky hills projecting from its western slope.

From 'K' Co. Meadows to Owen's Lake, a distance of fifteen miles, the valley widens gradually, until it is some four miles across at the Lake and the right hand range drops down into the plain, terminating at the Lake, where it is overlapped eastwardly, by a still higher range, which now comes into view from the north.

In this distance, of fifteen miles, you have again ascended, to a second level, or bench, above the Desert, very gradually, and which bench is some four or five hundred feet (estimated) above Lake Beall.

On this second level, is Owen's Lake, which as well as I was able to ascertain, by an imperfect

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