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Ten miles above the Lake [the southern extremity]
two streams Sunday Creek, and Kennedy Creek
empty into it, coming from the Sierra, their
banks fringed with the Oak, Willow, and

Several springs exist along the western shore,
but their waters are brackish, and unpleasant
to the taste. The spurs of the Sierra occa-
-sionally run down very close to the Lake,
making our road skirt its margin.

This is covered to the extent of 50 or 60 yards,
wherever we touched the Lake, with an incrus-
-tation of Carbonate of Soda & other Salts.
Specimens, both of the Salts, and of the water
of the Lake, have been submitted to an ana-
-lytical chemist, and the results of his
analysis, will be made known.

Ten miles beyond Kennedy Creek, you enter
the valley proper, of Owen's River, which empties
into the Lake, at the northern extremity of its
eastern shore. This valley continues for one
hundred miles, from the mouth of the River.
Its average width is from four to six miles.
The eastern range of mountains
pours down no streams to swell the river,
but now, upon the right bank, every few miles,


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