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are crossed numerous water courses, which
take their rise amid the perennial snows
of the Sierra Nevada.

Owen's River at points observed, is a muddy
stream, with abrupt banks and flowing with
a gentle current. The banks are but a few
feet in heighth. The river averages 50 feet
in width, and about 15 feet in depth.

The conviction is forced
upon my mind, by the appearance of the
country below the Lake, that the river has
once run throughout the valley, bending to
the eastward, most probably below Lake
Beall, & pouring its waters into the Desert
in the direction of the Mojave. But, that
some violent volcanic upheaval, has
dammed up its waters, all along from
"K" Co. meadows, to the point marked "Wall
of Lava" on the map, and thus formed
the Lake.

Evaporation from a surface of the extent of that
of the Lake, does not in my opinion, ac
-count for the body of water poured into
it, by Owen's River, and other tributaries.
It may possibly therefore,find a sub-
-terranean outlet, below the sands of the


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