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Every step now taken, shows you that nature
has been lavish of her stores. The mountains
are clad with timber, the vallies melt-
-watered, and clothed with luxuriant grass.
Some of the meadows, contain at a moderate
estimate, ten thousand acres of land, every
foot of which can be irrigated.

About ten miles beyond the northern end of
the Lake, Cold Creek, and Mosquito Creek, a mile
apart, break through a low range of hills, at
the foot of the Sierra. Eleven miles farther on,
you reach the Snow Creeks, three in number.
Seven miles from them, Pine Creek, and
one mile beyond this last, is Pea Vine Creek
running through groves of magnificent oaks,
and far away to the river, which washes
the base of the eastern range, the eye wanders
over a sea of green.

Bluff Creek, is crossed about seven miles,
beyond Pea Vine Creek. From thence to Lava
Creek a distance of six miles, you pass over
a field of augitic, vesicular lava, about two
miles in width. At its edge towards the
River, bursts forth from a single spring, a
stream, 15 feet wide, and 2 1/2 feet deep, I
have called it Lava Creek. Thence to Hope
Creek is six miles, and ten miles beyond


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