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California [D54?]

Hon. J.W. Denver

Sacramento City

Oct 8 1859


Enquires what action the office has taken on tne claim of JB Williams for lands relinquished to Govt. by him

[truck out - Rec Nov 10 1859.

answered Nov. 15th 1859]

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Sacramento City Cal.

October 8th 1859

Hon. A.B. Greenwood,

Coms of Ind. Affairs


I have been requested to write to you in reference to a claim of Mr. J.B. Williams of Tehama County in this State. It seems that Mr. Williams had a [preemption?] claim on what is now the Nome Lackee Reserve, and when that tract was selected it was agred by Col. Hensley on the part of the government that he should reive ($2,000) two thousand dolars for the improvements if he would abandon it for the use of the government. This money he has never eceived although he complied with his part of the agreement, and he now wishes to know what the Department will do or has done in the [premises?] and also whether the voucher he gave to Col. Henley is on file. The voucher

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was given during the 2d or 3rd [gr.?] of 1856, or thereabouts.

Your early attention to this will much oblige.

Your Obt. Srvt.

J. W. Denver.

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