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with the Indians in carrying out their helish [hellish] designs and purposes living with and off them by selling and supplying them with liquor second-handed by the bottle and acting some of them as Pimps to the Squaws and thus live on their ill gained earnings & plunder of the Indians.

I say this class of monsters in human form are so numerous in this county that it is impossible to execute the law, and while this state of things exist it will remain a dead letter on our statute Book. The only remedy for the removal of the great and crying evil which meet us at every turn, which grow out of the affiliations the alliance and association of the Indians and the refuse and the crum of the babling Earth that have congregated here for rapin and plunder. We say of the Indians whom these scoundrels use as tools to carry out their unhalowed purposes were removed we might then hope for a reform in society. The people here are unanimously in favor of having the Indians removed if possible from the entire county. They demand it. The good of society demand it. The good and the virtuous demand it, and all approve of it.

I remain your obt Servt
A. S. St Clair

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