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Klamath Indian Reservation

No. 13

Report of Labor performed during
the week commencing March 27th and
ending April 2nd of 2nd Gr 1859

Sunday 27th No work Showery–

Monday 28th Mc Clanahan 40 squaws &
30 Indians spading up new land. Jerrill
harrowing Davison Tucker and 4 Indians
ploughing (2 teams) Sherwood at Cap.ell
fair with cool winds & heavy frost

Tuesday 29th In the fornoon heavy rain
In the afternoon Jerrill Mc Clanahan
20 Indians & 30 squaws spading and
clearing up new land for seed. Tucker and
Davison getting out lumber for granery floor
Sherwood at Cap.ell

Wednesday 30th Rainy all day – All the
hands getting out lumber – Sherwood
at Cap.ell

Thursday 31st Tucker Davison & 2
Indians ploughing (2 teams) Jerrill
harrowing Mc Clanahan 30 Indians &
40 squaws spading up new land
Sherwood at Cap.ell
Clear– cold winds & heavy frost

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