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Cloverdale, Russian River
Mendocino County, California
January 23, 1859

Gen'l. Denver
Commissoner of Indian Affairs
Dear Sir, Altho I am not personally acquainted with You, I am by character;
I came [here?] from Old Va. now 74 Years of Age, and living on a Farm; I have been acting
as Special Agent here, for the [Merdacoom?] tribe
under Col. T. J. Henley for the last 3 years, and by the direction of Col. Henley, I have Letted
them on my Ranch, Built comfortable houses for them; give each family a Sow and pigs nad also Hens, and have good Bottom Land for them to cultivate, and they are now [farming]those ground; and I want you to authorize me to keep this Tribe on my place, and for them not to be Removed to any Reservation, in case Col. Henley is removed. and a new Appointment made. I am doing this entirely as an act of charity to these people; they look on me as as their father, and come to me for all advice etc. as I speak their language. Those poor [creatures?], are more [abused?] by the Whites than any Nation ever was, if a Cow is missing [up?] around Round Valley the whites up there go out and shoot down about a dozen, tho first they [see?], the conduct of the Whites up there and at all the Valley North of this is the most cruel, and [illegible] say again in behalf of Capt. [Merdacoom?], and his Tribe, say about 30 in number, that you send me authority to let them remain with me; and to protect them from Evil [disposed?] persons, I have done this for the last 3 years, without any confrontation.

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