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&c. One of that [aimable?] character usualy used on the frontier. These buildings are located on different parts of the reserve, mostly adjacent to the farms.
There is also on this Reservation a band of California mares with which a number of colts, and a few Mule colts are running. I have ordered them to be sold under my general instructions, as they are of but small value to the Government & a [?] of some expense. I am confident that the raising of stock on these Reservations will have been profitable unless it is entirely separated from every other interest, & held to a [trial?] [illegible] particular accountability by itself.
I was unable to ascertain the exact number of Stock Cattle belonging to this Reservation. The Agent estimates them (After deducting the number that have been killed for food) to be about one hundred & twenty five head. But few of these are to be seen, the lateness of the season compeling them to stray & scatter over a large tract of country in search of water. It was represented as being impossible to get an accurate account of them, excepting at a general rodeo of all the cattle in the neighborhood, which at that season of this year was impracticable on account of the extreme heat of the weather.

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