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There is collected here a considerate amount of public property most of which is old & worn out.

The public buildings exclusive of Head Quarters connected with this agency are situated at intervals over a few miles where there has been some cultivation. Those composing the Head Quarters are well built of adobe and being surrounded by a luxurient vineyard and orchard containing a variety of fruits such as figs, pomegranates, peaches & apples presents an appearance of comfort and cleanliness hardy to be expected in this arid region.

A small farm at Tule River has been established in connection with this agency. On it some corn has been raised this season and considerable improvement made. The number of Indians collected here is about three hundred & this number can be increased. It has always been the home of a very considerable tribe who are contented and willing to remain, but the country is rapidly being settled & public sentiment is against them doing do.

The land upon which this farm is located belongs to a private citizen with whom it have made arrangements for the present, for it

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