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themselves in many instances by the cultivation of small patches of land. I have deemed it essential that a special agent should frequently visit them, preserving friendly relations with them by the distribution of seed and agricultural implements, until such a time as the Government may be [illegible] to procure a suitable location for a small farm for their use, which I consider essential to the welfare of the Indians and to the interests of the community among whom they live.

Much trouble has been experienced in this and other parts of the country by these roving bands of Indians. Unless a suitable home is provided for them it is difficult to devise a plan for the remidy of this evil. Their present condition is much to be deplored as they are frequently, no doubt, induced from want to commit depredations upon the propensity of settlers, which is too frequently punished with an unrelenting hand.

Difficulties occasioned in this way in Round Valley & its vicinity are at present particularly to be lamented. The killing of Indians is a daily occurence there. Under the circumstances it is difficult to ascertain the actual cause of complaint. The Indians are accused of killing cattle & other stock belonging to settlers, but the evidence of it produced is not in my opinion sufficient to

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