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[illegible] California [?year?] J. Y. McDuffie San Francisco Sept 26 '59 ---------The Agent D. E. [Brel's?] list of employees, and states he allowed him an additional farmer or overseer


Rec'd. October 25, '59


Ack'd. [Acknowledged?] Oct 26 '59. [underlined]File.[/underlined]

[Fin?]. Chapman

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Office Supt. Ind Affs San Francisco Sept. 26 / 59

Hon. W. B. Greenwood Commissioner of Indian Affairs


I have the honor to enclose herewith the Report of Employes on [15?] [illegible] Indian Reservations, made by [D. E. Bush Esq.?] - Agent in conformity to instructions from the Department of [June?] 15th 1859. I have deemed it essential to the interests of this Reservation to allow an additional farmer or owner to the one presented in my instructions of 18th-[illegible]-1858- (The necesity of this measure will be fully explained in my Report to you on the condition of this Reservation. I [illegible] Very Respectfully Your Obdt Svt [Obedient Servant] J. Y. McDuffie Supt. Ind. Affs for California

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Report of [inserted][MS?][G or L?][/inserted] Employees Sept. 1st 1859 [checkmark] Klamath Ind. Reservation [signed]D. E. [Buel or Bull?][/signed] Ind Agt

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Report of Employees connected with the [name?] Indian Reservation California

Names Capacity in which he [illegible] Whence Appointed Where From

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