To the Honorable Secretary of the Interior

Greeting: The undersigned, being
citizens of Tehama County, California, and
residents of the portion of said county lying
contiguous to the Nome Lackee Indian Reservation,
beg leave to state to your Honor, that we
are aggreived, in consequence of the location
of said reservation in our immediate neighborhood
for the following reasons, to wit:

First - that the Indians on
said Reservation are few in number, and
at peace with the whites, committing no
further depredations than those of killing
hogs and young calves.

Second - the lands occupied
by said Reservation are among the best
in our State, and capable of subsisting
a valuable community of settlers, who would
afford within themselves a much [illegible] and
better protection against such attacks, than
any that has heretofore or is likely hereafter,
to be extended to us by the General Government.

Third - In the establishment
of the present system of reservations in California,
it was the intention and belief
of its projectors, that within three years
the Indians would maintain themselves
by their own labor, and that in our opinion
they are now and have been for years able
so to support themselves, had they been allowed
the privilege of working for wages in the neighborhood,
where employment would have

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