been afforded them at renumerative prices, in
the absence of such restraints.

Fourth - That by reference to
a plat of said Reserve, it will be seen that
it lies in such a shape as to extend its evil
influences several miles further than it would
if it all lay in a single body.

Fifth - That the Agent will
not allow settlers to locate within one mile
of the Reservation lines, which, from the
peculiarity of their location, enables him to
virtually occupy several-fold the quantity of
land designated in the survey, to the great
detriment of all [classes?] and hindrance to the
growth and prosperity of our county.

Sixth - that under the
management of the present Agent, V. E. Geiger,
and the whorthless horde whom he employs, the
establishment has become a disgrace and a nuisance.

Seventh - That Mr. Geiger,
who, from his position as Agent, we are obliged,
from force of circumstances, to admit
into our houses and into the presence of
our families, has brought disgrace upon
his office by habitually living in a state
of open adultery with a white prostitute, while
the menials whom he keeps hovering around
him, instead of endeavoring to elevate and
improve the character and condition of the
Indians are dragging them down to a level
with themselves by compelling the squaws, even
in the presence of their Indian husbands, to

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