submit to their lecherous and beastly desires; and
further, that they have introduced among
them diseases of the most loathsome character,
with which the employees, hangers-on and Indians
are and have for a long time been continually
afflicted, and that much of the medicine
furnished by Government for the use of the
Indians has been used by the whites; and
that by this disgraceful conduct on the part
of the Agent and others, the establishment has
been brought into bad repute and made a
mockery and a by-word insomuch that it has
earned and acquired the appelation of
"The Government Hore House," exerting in community
a blighting influence against morality and
good behaviour, and setting a frightful example
before our children and young people.

In consideration of the above
facts, and many more that we might enumerate,
we earnestly ask that you will use
the power vested in you for the abatement
of this moral leper, or at least that it be
removed beyond the pale of our thickly
settled districts, or if such a course does
not meet your approval, that you use
means for the removal of the present
incumbent, who, in addition to the vices
above enumerated, is an habitual
drunkard, and cause to be appointed in
his stead a man of better habits and business

P.S. If a petition be necessary
to the furtherance of the above objects, we believe

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