Head Quarters Dept. of the Pacific
Cresent City, Cal. March 8th 1856


Finding that there are at present nearly three
hundred friendly Indians encamped at this place, and
it being highly important that they be prevented from
uniting from the hostile tribes, as they might be driven
to do, if deprived of military protection, the Commanding
General directs that you ascertain if there be
an Indian Agent at this point, and if so, that you
call on him to subsist and take charge of these Indians
as they are understood to be entirely destitute. In the
event of the refusal of the Agent to lend the proper asistance,
you are directed to assume the immediate
charge of the Indians, to whom as authorized by Regulations,
you will furnish necessary subsistence.
If you shall deem it expedient and it can be conveniently
done, you will remove them to the reservation
on the Klamath River. Until an Indian Agent takes
charge of these Indians. You will subsist them.

The General directs that the spirit of these instructions
shall govern you in any similar case you may
find within the district of Country to which you have
been assigned

I am, Sir,
Very Respectfully
Your Obedient Servant
(signed) J. C. Bonnycastle
Lieut Aid de Camp

Bt Lt Colonel Buchanan
Major 4th Infantry
Crescent City Cal

Official Copy
H. H. Garber
2nd Lt 4th Inft

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