No. 22

The United States

To William Myers Dr.

1856 Dollars Cents

Oct 21 To hauling 200 pound flour to Smiths River at 2 ct 40 00
Nov 10 " " 1000 " " to the Lagoon at 1st 10 00
28 " " 21st The Subsitence Star to [illegible from] $1 21 50
Dec 3d " " 1000 pound of Flour to the Lagoon at 1 of 10 00
31 " " 1 load company property from [illegible] to Lagoon 1 00

The bulk of the above account was for transportation of Sebastian Star to the Camp of friendly Indians. The last was some Company property belonging to company "of 4th Infs which had been left in the stow house when the Co. [stashed?] for [illegible] River & it was now sent to the Co.

I certify on honor that the foregoing account is correct and just; that the services were rendered as stated; and that they were necessary for the public service. and that the account has not been paid for want of funds.

H.H. Garber 2d Lt. 4th Infs
A.A. Quartermaster

Received at ______, the _____ of _____, 185 , ___________ Quartermaster United States, the sum of ___________ dollars and __________ cents, in full of the above account.


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