No 22
The United States,

To Smith & McKann Dr.

Nov. 30
To hauling 3000 pounds of Flour from the Lagoon to Smith's River at the rate of one cent per pound. $30"

"The above account is for the transportation of supplies to the Camp of friendly Indians at the mouth of Smith's River who I was ordered to subsist for accompanying instructions."

I certify in honor that the foregoing account is correct and just; that the services were rendered as stated; and that they were necessary for the public service

H.H. Garber 2 Lieut 4th Infy
A.A. Quartermaster

Received at ______, the _____ of _____, 185 , ___________ Quartermaster United States, the sum of ___________ dollars and __________ cents, in full of the above account.


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