No. 22

The United States

To McLillan Ob. Dr.


Dec 31 1857

To hire of two horsepower the 1st November 1856 to the 31st of Dec 1856 111 day at the rate of $3 50/100 per day each...427 "

1857 Feb 28
To hire of on hand from the 1st January 1857 to the {illegible]

The animals were necessary, for the purpose of enabling my men to look after and bring back to the camp those Indians, who at the investigation of the settlers- were constantly stealling away from the Camp of freindly Indains at the Mouth of Smith's River Cala of which I had charge. It was absolutely necessary to keep them Indians separated as much as possible from the Whites, to avoid inevitable trouble, as at that time it was with the greatest exertion that I was enabled to prevent serious difficulties from occuring.

It was necessary either to hire the horses or else more men, for there were no Troops - which would have cost more.

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